OPINION: Save the YWCA – accept the Mission First bid

The letter below from Solo/Germantown Civic Association RCO was sent to Councilwoman Bass on February 24, 2015 urging her to “reconsider and accept the Mission First bid” to redevelop the YWCA building into senior housing, in partnership with Ken Weinstein. The RFP was rejected by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority in January 2015.

While many of the co-signers agree with this position below, some do not. Co-signers of the Save the Historic Germantown YWCA Building have found common ground and are fighting to ensure that the building is protected no matter the outcome with the PRA.

Members of Solo write:

Councilwoman Bass: Please reconsider and accept the Mission First bid received through PRA RFP. It would save the important historic Women’s Y 5820-24 Germantown Ave. and start market rate rental and commercial development next door to it. This is a positive start. Let’s not let this opportunity pass us by and allow the building to deteriorate anymore. There are many others to go on to save and redevelop in Germantown. Although we may all want something else saving the building through this development is POSITIVE. (As good neighbors perhaps Mission First would consider sponsoring a yearly concert in Vernon Park, contributing something to care, maintenance and improvements to the park and or some additional lighting and security.)

Solo/Germantown Civic Association RCO
Allison Weiss-Nettie Boykin-Pamela Bracey-Brenda Cherry

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